Plasma Cutters
ThunderCut-65(Order No.07001315)


Cutting Capacity(mild steel):

  • Recommand: 25.4mm(1 inch) at 350mm/min (14 IPM)
    12.7mm(1/2 inch) at 1250mm/min (50 IPM)
  • Severance: 38mm(1 1/2 inch) at 100mm/min (4 IPM)
  • Pierce: 15.8mm (5/8in)
  • Gouging: 6 pounds(2.8kg)/hour

New generation of ThunderCut-65 is an professional plasma cutting machine designed for sheet metal and light plate fabrication metalworking applications.

With maximum current up to 70A, and superior cutting speed of 14 IPM for 1 inch mild steel, ThunderCut- 65 becomes the most powerful cutting machine in it's class. Click here for the comparison table.

State of the art IGBT inverter technology delivers continuously adjustable, constant current output, permitting high-quality cuts over a wide range of metal thicknesses.

Customer controllable Post-flow cooling circle cools consumables and torch with post-flow air after you release the trigger. This feature extends life of the torch and consumables.

Strong non high-frequency pilot arc will not interfere with or damage CNC controls or computers, and penetrate rust and paint more easily.

Heavy duty S75 industrial standard cutting torch insures the longer consumable life and best cutting quality. Wide range of professional choice of accessories and options delivers best performance in versatile circumstances and applications. Tool-less central quick connection attaches S75 to machine without the use of wrenches or special tools.

Rugged all-metal external housing design is durable, damage resistant, corrosion-resistant and weather resistant, guarantees the preferable performance at various environment.


ThunderCut 65 specifications:

  • Output: 60% duty cycle at 65A. Maximium 70A
  • Input: 208/230/60Hz, 1ph
  • Compress air Pressure: 42.6-72 psi
  • Dimension(HxWxD)(CM): 57X27X55
  • Weight(KG): 33

S75 industrial plasma torch

s75 torch
  • Rated Current: 70A, DC
  • Rated Duty cycle (%): 60% at 70A, 100% at 50A
  • Cool style: Air cooled
  • Maximum Air pressure(Bar): 5 (72psi)
  • Air consumption (l/min): 150
  • Cable length(M): 6(20ft)
  • Connection:Centre connection